Monday, 6 April 2015

Garden Reboot.

Time to shake off those cobwebs, bash off those boots and get growing. I have put in Raspberry, Gooseberry, and blueberry bushes which take a few years for anything to happen sadly! I have also planted 2 different salads, kale, Carrots, beans, swedes, Eggplant (Or Aubergines whatever you want to call it)  Zuccini (Courgette) , Four different tomatoes, sweet peppers, Broccoli, Leek, Cucumber, Chilli peppers, Spinach , and Catnip for the extension of the  medicinal herb garden, I have also rediscovered my mint is growing, Alas my Lovely Ruhbarb has rotted away. Oh We also planted a million flower seeds ..give or take a few thousand.

The boys have been taking part in a grow your own potato campaign, for schools and Home ed far so good, they seem to be enjoying it, and the baby is loving watching his sunflower seeds starting to shoot! Also we are starting a sprouting window sill garden , of mixed beans, peas and cress.

And sadly excited to see our first bird in the garden in a long time!

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