Monday, 20 April 2015

Happy Holidays..a postcard to Jane.

A dear  and kind hearted friend of mine couldn't make her Holiday to Cornwall so gifted it to me, I  decided to extended the holiday a little, it was quite a drive. I have never spent so long away from the Hubbster since we got together 16 years ago. Thank you dear friend we had a wonderful time!
Rock pooled,
I Geocached and Rock climbed,
Visited 2 museums,
The boys went swimming every day with Nanna and the elder two LEARNED TO SWIM!!
Visited 2 different harbours, 4 different bays and 2 different seasides.
Went on a small steam train.
And generally ate our own body weight in Fish n chips, Cream teas and Pasties..Thanks you Jane Love you!! And huge thanks Mam for driving us the whole way and making it fun!

Coombe Martin

Morse code

Clinging on for dear life on the side of a cliff


249 steps apparently!

I climbed it :D

Verity By Damien Hurst

A teddy bear cone!

A cupboard full of pickled bats

first class train 

Enjoying a huge with Nanny

Mermaid Keon

At the bottom of the road we stayed...a beach

You can rent this..:D

Knot tying

testing various lifting rope and pullie systems

It's so cold!

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