Monday, 20 October 2014

From design to product realisation.

We had decided we wanted to explore inventions briefly, so we came up with a may to make it fun for the boys. Firstly the challenge was to design something and write about it's features what it did etc. They drew a picture and wrote a short story about what they had invented. Next we collected junk to make the item they wanted to, then lastly we made the item . Fun had by all. Covering Art, Design, Crafts, Writing practice, spelling practice ,story writing and construction methods. Later we will be studying a little of Victorian designs . Perhaps using Isambard Kingdom Brunel as a marker point ? Keons was "Rainbot" A Housework Robot that is powered only by the magic of rainbows (of course the flaw being you have to wait for a rainbow before it works :P) Bens, was a rocket pack to help you get to places faster powered by rubbish fuel (That composts apparently) .

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