Friday, 31 October 2014

Sorting through piles of Carp!

I have a dear T.A friend who gave me some excess things she had collected. When I received them they looked like bags of junk, until I sorted through them. Why Had I as a qualified E.Y.F.S person never seen this, so simple! Basically one bag of shapes various including 3d/2d and another bag of all sorts of junk in different materials, essentially bags of stuff you sort into piles matching the correct labels. You could also do colour matching rainbow boxes. After we sorted the types of materials we also then decided to sort them into piles of combustible and non, Then also biodegradable and not.  Lastly magnetic or not (my just turned 3  is obsessed with magnetic force) So if you have a 3-7 year old,  Next time you have some junk laying about collect it into little packs even if you only use it once, you have had fun for free and learned new things !

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